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If you didn’t already know i also work (when I have time) as a voice coach and showreel director. You can find out all about this by visiting  

Read what students have to say. Hear show reels. Read all about me and why you perhaps think of coming to me either in person or via Skype to learn the craft or improve your skills. Make a new reel or just gain vocal confidence or versatility.

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About Me

Tanya Rich Past and Present.

After working as a session and jingle singer, I began my voicing career. I started at Signal Radio in Stoke on Trent under the watchful eye of Les Woolham. I then moved to the Fens and continued learning the ropes under David Allen at Hereward and Carl Goss at JMS Norwich.

I’m one of the few FVO’s who used to race up and down the country to voice 20+ commercials in a session. ISDN brought me the opportunity to take things a little easier and voice stuff in my PJ’s occasionally!

I work every day from my purpose-built studio.

Apart from adverts and corporate narrations, I make hundreds of on-hold messages for all over the world.

Tanya Rich: Voices and Accents.

I really do have a whole larynx full of accents and voice styles. Here are just some of them:

Voice Styles

Sexy,Newsy, Authoritative, Warm, Friendly, Seductive, Serious,‘Real’,Hard/Medium/Soft Sell,

Persuasive, Quirky, Young, Classy.

Accents & Dialects

R.P, Black Country (Native), Birmingham, London, Geordie, Irish (N), US (Various), Liverpool, Northern (Stoke On Trent and beyond), Dutch & Spanish (With good pronunciation), Italian, Russian, Australian.

Characters & Impressions

Baby, Child, Nosey Neighbour, Russian “Model”, Swedish Adult Film Star, Various Fairytale Characters – From the naughtiest fairy to the wickedest witch. Marilyn Monroe, Betty Boop, Rosemary The Telephone Operator, Jane Horrocks.