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If you didn’t already know i also work (when I have time) as a voice coach and showreel director. You can find out all about this by visiting  

Read what students have to say. Hear show reels. Read all about me and why you perhaps think of coming to me either in person or via Skype to learn the craft or improve your skills. Make a new reel or just gain vocal confidence or versatility.

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So lecture season is nearly upon me!

Since 4th of January I have been beavering away in my studio on lots of different productions for radio, Tv ( Starplan Kitchens) , film, gaming and On hold systems. But soon I begin this years lectures and directing with Bath Spa University’s BA Drama Students. I have 12 students for this 7 week module. I teach them voice over acting for commercials, monologues, radio dramas and this year I’m introducing Corporate Video voicing too. This culminates for 4 groups of students to spend a day each in our foley studio making their show reels. This module is marked by me and goes toward their over all grade for their degree.

Of course, Being a voice over is my first love and my regular gig, so after lecturing and teaching all day, I come back and voice in the evenings! Luckily I only do 1 and a half days at the Uni, so lots of time to make lots of ads etc.,


Time flies when you’re busy voicing!

I was absolutely shocked to realise that it is an awfully long time since i updated this web site! Shocking! What to say, except that being a busy, working, full time Voice Over artist, I’m a little bit rubbish at updating my site. So what have i been doing well…voicing hundreds of on holds for companies as diverse as a Jaguar dealership in New Jersey, to Jo Malone and Staples Europe  Being everything on radio commercials from straight anno to christmas Elf, and voicing lots of corporates for companies like the DSA, Luxaflex, Storm seal etc., So don’t be put off by my NOT posting, know that when you want a super fast delivery of a quality voice over, I’m in the studio, and I’m waiting to voice your next project!

Here’s one of the Storm Seal instructional videos I voiced for Global Filmmakers. The style required was ‘natural’ and ‘instructional’