So lecture season is nearly upon me!

Since 4th of January I have been beavering away in my studio on lots of different productions for radio, Tv ( Starplan Kitchens) , film, gaming and On hold systems. But soon I begin this years lectures and directing with Bath Spa University’s BA Drama Students. I have 12 students for this 7 week module. I teach them voice over acting for commercials, monologues, radio dramas and this year I’m introducing Corporate Video voicing too. This culminates for 4 groups of students to spend a day each in our foley studio making their show reels. This module is marked by me and goes toward their over all grade for their degree.

Of course, Being a voice over is my first love and my regular gig, so after lecturing and teaching all day, I come back and voice in the evenings! Luckily I only do 1 and a half days at the Uni, so lots of time to make lots of ads etc.,


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