The Natural Style Read

I have always liked the opportunity to voice Corporate Films and Promos, always choosing , unless otherwise requested, to produce a natural and conversational type read. I’ve never let the word ‘Corporate’ equate with ‘over the top/selly’ type of read. So when people ask for a ‘Natural’ Read it is an absolute joy!

This was a film I voiced for Highways England. Cast by Sara Hashem at Maple St Studios. Sara knows I am originally from the Black Country (Wolverhampton to be exact) and that I spent most of my life in Birmingham and Staffordshire. So I was her ‘Go to voice’ for this project. I used just enough of a ‘broad Midlands vowel pallet’ to get the sound they wanted and delivered the well written script. Here is the result.




2 thoughts on “The Natural Style Read

  1. Tanya, after just working on natural VO scripts with you, you can imagine how interested I was to hear you voice a natural spot like this.
    This was a terrific script (and well shot too), that allowed you lots of breathing room to create great listener engagement.
    To me the line that really stood out was “And because the country never stops, neither do we.” You threw away “neither do we” perfectly, so relaxed and believable.
    Truly master work. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Don. It was so lovely to do this read, but as you know the control needed to pull this off well and genuinely demands lots of concentration. I really appreciate your comment.

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